Basil and Biggles' FIP Treatment Blog

Friday, October 20, 2006

Biggles Flies Solo

His recent blood tests came back as normal and Biggles is now enjoying a healthy time without any medication. He'll pop back to the vet for a check up in a couple of months but otherwise, he is putting on weight fast and is a contented cat.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Biggles Comes Off Treatment

Biggles was neutered this week and recovered very well. While under anaesthetic, bloods were taken and sent to Dr Diane Addie in Glasgow - one of the best known researchers into FIP. The report came back three days later to say that his bloods were normal and since he had been on the treatment for 4 months, it seemed a good time to take him off the injections and steroids. He is due to go back in a month for another blood test to determine whether he is still in remission. We are keeping our fingers/ paws crossed for him. He still enjoys his food and is now into playing the piano!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Biggles Aged 8 Months

Biggles is still doing well, continuing with his Interferon injections every week and prednisolone each day. He has continued to gain weight, today weighing 3.45kg. A happy and very chilled out cat who enjoys sitting and lying around the house and garden.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Two Months Later: Biggles aged 7 months

Back to the present day: Biggles is a normal cat, playing in the garden and enjoying the sun and menacing the birds, mice, insects and anything else that moves.

The plan now is to continue weekly injections and daily quarter tablets of steroid until November. Then we'll have to hope that he'll be okay.

Two Weeks Later: A Good Response!

Two weeks after we started his treatment (6 injections later!) he was clearly much better and started behaving like a kitten again. The vet took another x-ray and his chest cavity was clear this time, he was technically "In remission" from FIP.

The steroid dose was reduced to a quarter tablet of steroid daily and weekly injections of Interferon.

Biggles! What to do?

It was fairly clear that the new interferon treatment had failed to help Basil, and it was very expensive (even for the insurance company!) so we wondered if it was worth bothering to put Biggles through all the injections, and rather undignified "taking his temperature" procedure. This time however, we knew we had an early diagnosis and Biggles was quite a lot bigger than Basil. So we checked with Sainsbury's Pet Insurance again to confirm that they would fund the treatment and decided to adopt the same procedure:

* Antibiotic tablets for a week or so
* Steroid tablets
* Interferon injections every two days for two weeks

It was clear from our experience with Basil that he had become very anaemic so as an added precaution we decided to feed Biggles up with iron-rich food as much as possible. So we bought him (from Sainsburys!) a large pack of chicken livers. He absolutely loved them and always cleaned his plate, the steroids may have helped his appetite too perhaps!

Biggles' X-Rays confirm FIP

The vet took some x-rays and they clearly showed that Biggles had FIP, this time however (in contrast to Basil) it was affecting his chest area - constricting his breathing rather than just creating a "Fat" cat. This was why his breathing was so laboured - there wasn't enough room for him to inflate his lungs. All this was clear from the x-rays.

Oh no - Basil's brother is sick too..

A week after Basil died his half-brother Biggles started to look thin and lost his appetite and his breathing was quite rapid. It was quite hot at the time so we didn't worry too much for a couple of days but then we could hear his breathing as he sounded quite asthmatic so we took him off to the vet. He had a high temperature and the vet feared the worst..

Poor Basil...

Basil suffered a couple of fits and so, very reluctantly, we had to take him to the vet to say farewell and he is now buried in the garden. Such a shame as he never had a chance to play in the garden - we took him there but he was too poorly and wanted to back to his bed.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Critical condition

Basil's condition deteriorated last night. He went to see the vet first thing this morning and the vet thinks he probably has one more day left in him. He is very anaemic and has very little energy left. He still does not appear to be in any pain and has slept for the most part of today. He has been unable to walk, eat or drink anything at all and has developed a very snotty nose which has made breathing difficult. He is now unable to make it to the toilet as he is too weary.

He has lost a lot of weight but his tummy now feels more fluid - like a hot water bottle rather than the firm mass it used to be.

This evening he managed to have another long cuddle from brother Biggles which seemed to brighten him up a bit and he was convinced into eating a few morsels of turkey. They have enjoyed a couple of hours together in their 'den' under the radiator before bedtime.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Latest News

Basil has been taking a turn for the worse over the last couple of days. His tummy is very swollen now. He is still eating but needs to be carried to and from his food as the extra weight is affecting his back legs so much that he is finding it hard to walk. Luckily he has a big strong voice so we know if he wants to be taken anywhere. Big Brother Biggles is also looking after him at every opportunity and Basil loves his company.

He has another injection due tomorrow at 9am.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Next Day

Basil had his injection again and had all his tablets.
I cuddled him and he licked me with his soft tongue.